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About us:
This year's conference will present special opportunities for ethical fashion traders, designers, models and beauticians to showcase their products. We will continue to show the public that beauty & elegance do not need to hurt sentient beings.  Our conference is focused on issues concerning all fur-bearing animals. Topics will include the exploitation and cruelty of fur farms, wool and leather production, "harvesting" of wildlife (trapping, penning, bear baiting, etc.)
• Promoting compassion in fashion
• Individuals & groups dedicated to advocating and caring for fur-bearing animals will be featured.
• Reviving the Animal Rights Movement by promoting effective grass roots activism
• This exciting conference offers a new view and approach to animal rights advocacy and
   leadership, as it is designed for grassroots activists and organizations. The mission of this
   conference is to create a platform for grassroots activists to network and share ideas.
Sponsors, exhibitors, ethical designers, fashion traders, beauticians, and models are encouraged to participate in
this exciting event! 

Ethical Fashion Show & Animal Rights Conference
Nov 21th, 2015, New York, NY 
Ethical Fashion Show & Animal Rights Conference
Where: Landmark on the Park
160 Central Park West, New York, NY
In the heart of Manhattan!x
Registration coming up soon!
Help us make this a huge success for animals!
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