The Anti-Fur Society Conference is a project of the Fur Free Society, a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated primarily to the defense of fur bearing animals on fur farms and in the wild. The conference focus on the exploitation of fur bearing animals used for fur, trophy hunting, and entertainment while incorporating various other animal issues. This "boutique" conference focuses on quality and a friendly, intimate atmosphere, where attendees network and enjoy the program. Fur bearing animal issues typically do not get attention, and since most are classified wildlife, they are not given the minimum protection of other animals under law.

Fur industries keep animals in hideous conditions until they are brutally stripped of their lives and skins, thanks to consumer indifference or naïveté. While the fur industry has developed a “fur is green” charade, in reality, fur production causes great environmental damage as tons of waste, and deadly chemicals that prevent rotting skins are released into the earth and water.

It is at the grassroots level that the power to build a more compassionate world for all sentient beings rests. Our aim is to raise awareness about these issues to lead to legislation protecting fur bearing animals on fur farms and in the wild. It is also our hope
that once faced with the truth about the fur trade, many will decide to follow a more compassionate living and grow with us for a better world for all animals.

We dedicate about half the conference to fur bearing animals and the rest is open to other animal rights issues as we do our best to have a fair number of other animal causes to be represented in our conference.

Rosa Close