Dinner - Includes all day events,
exhibit hall & dinner............................$30*
We are sold out!  Complimentary
breakfast is still open!

breakfast: 9 - 9:45 am

DONATION at the door or feel
free to donate here:

*Please be  sure to include full name of each buyer
so we can prepare name tags & ticket.Thank you.

PAYMENT: It's too late to send by mail, please buy online
PAY BY PAYPAL, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. Note: You can use credit card to pay thru Paypal. If paying
by Paypal, please add attendee's full name, city, state, country, & phone number. If by check
or money order, mail the above info pertaining to attendee(s) to the address below.
Check/Money order made payable to: 
Fur Free Society and mail P. O. Box 6871, Towson, MD 21285
Please note:  We are unable to accept checks
from countries other than the US.
Exhibitor Shipping?
We are sorry, but there are no arrangements available for receiving shipments of any kind.
EXHIBITOR..................................$100 (we're full)
It includes one 6ft skirted exhibit table and 2 chairs.
1 reception ticket & complimentary breakfast are

You may sell any cruelty free products except food.

Please note: All exhibitors must fill out the agreement form
and emailed, mailed  or faxed to us @ 410-339-5105.
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Attendance is FREE for everyone!
Donations are accepted but not required!
PS: There is no registration per se, we need the attendees' name for our     list and and when they purchase the dinner ticket or the exhibitor's.
Conference address:  114 East 35th St, Manhattan NY