The AFS Conference Schedule 2013
(This is a preliminary schedule, subject to changes, and it is updated as new
information becomes available) Please check back. Thank you!
Included in Each Full Registration:
2 Breakfasts(Sat/Sun); 2 Lunches(Sat/Sun); Reception(Fri); Banquet Dinner(Sat) Click for more

10:00 -6:00    Registration
1:00 -  5:00    Exhibits Open to the Public
1:00 - 3:10   Documentary: Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home (followed by Q&A w/Tribe of Heart.)
3:20 - 3:50   Tactical Application of Street Projections for Animal Liberation Outreach." (Ortberg)
4:00 -  5:00  Vegan Baking Worldwide (Loewenthal); The Truth About "Humane" Meat. (Cohen)
5:10 -  5:40  Welcome Gathering:  Meet, greet international speakers from S. Africa, Brazil, Australia,
                  China, S. Korea! Poetry reading by AR participant. Don't miss the chance to chat informally with
                  overseas guests & Conference organizers. Refreshments by Courtesy of the Anti-Fur Society!
5:40 - 7:00   Documentary:  "TBA".
8:00 -10:30  Reception: Appetizers & Cash Bar; DJ Dancing & Video presentations.

8:00  –  4:00   Registration
8:30 -   9:00    Plenary (Close, Penzel, Zuardo)
8:30  -  5:00    Exhibits open to the public
9:00 -  8:00    Art Exhibit by Dana Ellyn, DC Artist
9:10 -  10:05   Fur is back!; US Fur farms; Anti-Fur Activism (Close, O'Connor, Young)
10:05- 10:55   The US War on Wildlife: Culling, Hunting, Trapping; Legal Reforms;
                         Indiana: Coyote Penning & Rescue (Hammer, Zuardo)
10:55–11:25   Co-existing with Urban Fur-Bearing Animals; Training: ”How to Save
                        Urban Wildlife by Launching a Humane Removal Business (McGill)
11:25 -12:00   Int’l Skype sessions with activists from Chile, Israel, Poland and Footlose Montana.
12:00 -12:30   Lunch Break
International Speakers:
12:30 -12:55   Australia: Progress & Challenges: Kangaroos, Wool Industry, Live Export. (Chantelle)
12:55 -  1:35   China:  First ever NO-fur movement; Animal groups in China & AR Activism (Pei Su)
1:35   -  2:05   Korea: Anti-fur activism; First Anti-Fur Fashion Show; Dog Meat Trade (Park)
2:05   -  2:35   South Africa: Anti-fur activism; Canned Hunt in South Africa (Louw)
PM Panels & Seminars:
2:35 - 3:25     Vivisection: Waste in Animal Research//Cosmetics Safety and Policy (Bellotti, A.Birdie)
3:25 - 4:15     AR Strategy & Message Development 101 – Part I:  (Bellotti, P. Birdie)
4:20 - 4:35    Skype interview with Filmmaker, Kathleen Lowson plus 6-minute trailer of her
                     documentary:   “CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can't Speak.”
4:40 – 5:10    Sea Shepherd: Special Presentation: Canadian/Namibian/Japanese Campaigns (Wolf)
Documentary & Other Events:
5:20 - 6:30    Documentary "The Witness", presented by Eddie Lama, subject of this classic.
6:30  - 8:00    Free time before dinner!
8:00-10:30    Banquet Dinner: Welcome Presentation! Classical Indian Dance Performance                                                        by Kadhambari Sridhar
8:00  -10:00    Registration 
8:30  -  9:00    Plenary (Close, Davis, Penzel)
8:30 -  4:00    Exhibits Open to the Public + Event TBA
9:00  -   9:40    UPC: The Facts About Feather Hair Ornaments, Jackets and Pillow Fillings, Fois gras (Davis)
9:40 -  10:20    Betrayal of US Horses: Wild Horses vs BLM/Cattle Ranchers (Allen, Holland)
10:30 -11:00    Children & Violence Against Animals: The Impact on Society (Louw)
11:00- 11:20    Introducing Humane Education in the NYC schools (Frydkowski)
11:30- 12:00    Rabbits: The "Poster Child" for Animal Exploitation (Lehr)
12:00 -12:30    Lunch
12:30  - 12:40   Coffee & Dessert - Courtesy of the Anti-Fur Society
12:40 - 1:20    Advocating Effectively for Chickens and Turkeys Bred for Meat Production:
                        Bringing Their Hidden Suffering to Light (Davis)
1:30  - 2:40    Strategy & Message Development 101:  Part II  (Bellotti, Davis, Chantelle)
2:40 -  3:00     Animals in entertainment (Qualls)
3:00 -  4:00     Closing (Close, Davis, Young)

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"CHILDREN & VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS:THE IMPACT ON SOCIETY" Innocent children, who instinctively love and are drawn to animals, are being taught to hunt, trap and kill at tender ages, before they can even understand what it means to cruelly take the life of another living being. Contrary to what many assume, hunters, make up a larger and more influential community than we have imagined. They are becoming more sophisticated in their killings and more cruel in their bloodsports. Their children are not only made to witness the despicable cruelty inflicted upon their victims, but are also taught how to do it for pleasure, prizes and for money. Some children have become "expert" bow hunters at ages as young as 6 or 7. Instead of being taught the meaning of compassion, they are learning to be devoid of feelings for non-human animals. What will the future hold for a society that does not value the lives of all sentient beings? We have unfortunately, already begun to see the results. We would like to invite all those knowledgeable about child development, education, psychology, as well as the general public, to join us for discussions and to explore strategies for action.