PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal, Credit Card, Check & Money Transfer:.
To pay with Credit Card: Click on the Paypal button of your choice, click on the "Check Out with Paypal," then click on the question: “Don’t have a Paypal? It will take you to where you can pay by Credit Card.



CODE  DESCRIPTION (includes *)                     PRICES 

REG1  *Breakfasts(2)Lunches(2)Reception(1)Banquet(1)...$140
       REG1 does include all sessions & special events.
REG2  *Registration all 3-day sessions & Banquet(1)....$ 50
REG3  *Registration all 3-day sessions & Reception(1)..$ 20
REG4  *FREE Registration all 3-day sessions & NO FOOD:
       To register for REG4 simply send us Full Name, City,
               State & Country, email & phone #  to "Contact Us," on
               this page's navigation button; Specify: "FOR REG4"   

BY POPULAR DEMAND: We have added two new meal options:
REG5  *Breakfast buffet(ea.)+ ALL 3 day-Sessions........$19
REG6 *Lunch(ea.)+ ALL 3 day-Sessions....................$17


DESCRIPTION                                        PRICES    
EX1  ................................................$200
EX2 (sold out).......................................$130


DESCRIPTION                                        PRICES   
LEVEL 1  (Sold out)................................$1000
LEVEL 2  (2 spaces available).......................$600

Exhibitor Agreement Form: All exhibitors
& sponsors must submit this signed agreement

Your organization will have a 6ft covered, skirted exhibit
table for  three days (Friday-Sunday)  at prime  location.
Includes  REG4  (all  sessions and  NO food),  you may
acquire  other registration levels at great discount. 

EXHIBITOR (EX2) $130  (sold out)
Your organization  will have a 6ft covered, skirted exhibit
table for three days (Friday-Sunday).Includes REG4 (all
sessions and NO food), other registration levels will  be
to you at great discount.  .

SPONSOR (LEVEL 1) $1,000.00 (Sold Out)
Your organization  will  have  two 6 ft, skirted  exhibit  table at
prime location for  three days  (Friday-Sunday).  It  includes
one REG1, two REG2 and two REG3. Your organization will
be featured on our websites, and social media.
Speaker opportunity.

SPONSOR (LEVEL 2) $600 (only 1 available)
Your organization will have one 6ft covered, skirted exhibit table
at prime  location  for three days (Friday-Sunday). It  includes
one REG1, one REG2, and one REG3. Your organization will
be featured on our websites, and all our social  media.

NOTE:   Exhibitors, please be sure to have your
exhibit ready by the time the Conference is open
to the public: View Schedule. You may sell any
cruelty free items except food.

to bring all the volunteers you will need and they
can benefit from the Free registration - to attend
all sessions.

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Lodging, food
and How to get There.
PLEASE NOTE: May 10th is the cut off date for these hotel  rates.
If you reserve soon you will secure these special rates.

Attendee Registration Information:
If paying by Paypal add full  *name, city, state, country & phone number PLUS specify: Reg1, Reg2 or Reg3.  If bank transfer, please email us the above info*.  If by check, mail it together with your check payable to:
Misha Foundation
P.O. Box 10183
NC 27404-0183
Reimbursement percentage as
April 30:  50%
No refunds after April 30th.
The bank requires all the information below in order to make a successful transfer.
Beneficiary: Misha Foundation
      Account: 1 2000034460818 034 130
Wire Routing Transit Number: (RTN/ABA) 121000248
Bank Name:  Wells Fargo, N.A.
Bank Address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco - CA 94104
Please use this code:  
Misha Foundation
Account number:
01 2000034460818 034 130
*Please scroll down for full wire transfer information.
Payment by checks* to:
Misha Foundation
P.O. Box 10183,
Greensboro, NC 27404-0183
Fax:  336-370-6766
*NOTE: We are unable to accept checks from countries other than the US.
PLEASE NOTE:  The Paypal cart is designed to have more than one item purchased each time, so it adds any item you “visit” while on the checkout mode. When you’re ready to check out, just enter the number you wish to purchase in the quantity box, and hit “update”  Items you do not wish to purchase, can be deleted by hitting the “remove” link next to it.
Exhibitor Shipping Details:
For shipping, use the format below. Aim for a delivery date of Thursday, May 30. Send to: address:
Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria
Your full name
(AFS Conference)
801 North Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Please mark your boxes: Box 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc (as appropriate).
Handling Fees:
Packages sent to the hotel before the conference are subject to a handling fee of $5.00 per box that are under 10 lbs.  For boxes weighing more than 10 lbs, the fee will be $10 per box. 
Storage Fee: If boxes arrive earlier than three days prior to the conference and/or is not picked up three days after the event, there will be a $5.00 charge per box per day.
The AFS Conference will not be responsible for packages shipped by individuals, and attendees will be responsible for shipping & handling fees.